06 December 2011

diggingthislook #170:leopard backpack

Pwede din naman for boys ang leopard print. just pair it with basics para di masyadong RAWR!

photo from http://www.zinif.com

29 June 2010

diggingthislook #169: Acid wash jeans paired with solid top

pair it with something mute. busy na ang pants mo..wag na dagdagan :)

the shredding detail. cute

all photos from http://www.zinif.com

digging this look #168: Not So Lolo Looking Cardigan

tag ulan na naman. pwede na naman ang lumelayered look

Rainy Tuesday Everyone! btw enjoy the non working holiday tom. let's welcome our new President :D
Kumecurrent affairs naman pala!
*all photos from http://www.zinif.com

13 May 2010

digging this look#167: coat for summer

coat with pastel shades ftw!

black looks summery too when paired with light denim pants

all photos from http://www.zinif.com

06 May 2010

digging this look#166:high cut chucks plus shorts

give your legs some break, wear your shorts and high-cut chucks this summer

try niyo din yung chucks na may takong! LOL

all photos from http://www.zinif.com

28 April 2010

digging this look#165:sheer v-neck basic tees

beat the scorching heat with these basic tees

try layering these three...not bad eh?

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digging this look#164:summer ensemble

sobrang init. keep it light, breezy and easy. comfort will always comes first

some solids

put on a coat depends sa jabar level :D

how's summer so far?
*all photos from http://www.zinif.com/

28 March 2010

digging this look #163:pastel shades

for that presko looking ensemble to beat summer's heat

this is my fave...

all photos from http://www.zinif.com

15 March 2010

digging this look#162:colored suede loafers

add electric colors to your get up by these...

summer shoes FTW!
all photos from http://www.zinif.com/
Happy Tuesday guys

10 March 2010

digging this look#161:Moss Green Pants (aka lumot pants)

something fresh. not your typical shade for pants

this one is is perfect for summer

pants para sa mga frogs!
all photos from http://www.zinif.com/